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You deserve a long and healthy life.
We are here to support you and your loved ones in enjoying it to the fullest. Our goal is to provide medical products that effectively address the needs and expectations of our customers: professional users who apply Viofor therapies in their professional practice as well as individuals who face numerous health problems in their everyday life.

The scientific basis for Viofor

Science - in the best interest of your health

We have been supporting our users on their path to a healthy and long life for over 20 years.

We are a leading manufacturer of medical devices for pulsed magnetic field and LED light therapy in Central and Eastern Europe. We offer evidence-based therapies that help improve the effects of rehabilitation and treatment for many conditions, and can be applied in biological regeneration.

At present, the Viofor family comprises of more than 60 functionally diverse elements which can be used in clinical settings, outpatient clinics, community rehabilitation or independently in  the patient’s home.


We support science

As experts in the field of physical medicine, we collaborate with scientific and clinical centres and university facilities for the advancement of science. We create an environment in which scientists — engineers and physicians — work together to develop life-enhancing medical therapies. The results of clinical studies conducted with the use of Viofor products serve in developing methods and determining the scope of application of physical medicine.


Multi award-winning
quality of Viofor products

The innovation and high quality of our products have been confirmed with certificates and numerous awards, and the technology implemented in Viofor devices has been patented. Med & Life has received more than 30 awards for its activities and product technologies, including:

  • Polish Product of the Future 2000 award in the category: product of the future for Viofor JPS System awarded by the Technology Agency
  • Entrepreneurship Leader title awarded by the 7th Polish Forum of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Gold Trade Fair Medal and Special Prize of the Croatian Inventors Association – World Exhibition of Research and New Technologies “Brussels Eureka” – 2001 Brussels
  • Gold medal and diploma of appreciation – 101st World Salon of Inventions “Concours Lepine” at the international fair “Foire de Paris – Paris 2002
  • Gold Fair Medal – International Innovation, New Technologies, and Economic Cooperation Fair “INVEST – TECHNOLOGY” – 2002 Warsaw
  •  „Lider Innowacji” [Innovation Leader] Title and golden fair medal – INTARG Economic and Scientific Innovation Fairs – 2002 Katowice
  • Gold Trade Fair Medal – International Trade Fair “Ideas – Inventions – Novelties” IENA – 2002 Nuremberg
  • Polish Product of the Future 2002 Grand Prize in the “Product of the Future” category
  • Gold medal – 5th International Invention Exhibition “Innovations 2003” – 2003 Gdansk
  • Honorary Mention in the competition “Hussar of Europe” 2003 under the patronage of ” Puls Biznesu” “Polish ambassador on the European Union markets
  • Silver medal – International Salon of Inventions – 2004 Geneva
  • Gold Aesculapius of the Poznan International Fair – SALUS Forum and Salon of Prevention and Treatment – 2004 Poznan
  • Gold and silver trade fair medal – 104th International Salon of Inventions “Concours Lepine” – 2005 Paris
  • Gold Medal of the 54th World Exhibition of Inventions, Research and New Technologies “Brussels Eureka” – 2005 Brussels
  • Trade fair medal and diploma of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research International Innovation Fair GENIUS-BUDAPEST’ – 2006 Budapest
  • Cup and diploma of the Minister of Science – Chairman of the Scientific Research Committee for innovative activities in 2002, 2004 and 2006
  • Medal and fair diploma VIII Rehmed Expo Rehabilitation and Health Resort Treatment Fair – 2008 Kielce
  • Promotional Emblem in the 1st edition of the 18th „Teraz Polska” [Now Poland] Competition for Innovative Enterprises
  • Medal and diploma IX Rehmed Expo Rehabilitation and Health Resort Treatment Fair – 2009 Kielce
  • First prize in the category Highest Product Quality Second International Symposium on Dental Physiology – 2009 Świnoujście
  • Polish Product of the Future 2019 award for the project “Multifunctional system for therapy and rehabilitation using advanced ICT technologies”
  •  „Lider Zmian” [Leader of Change] 2019 Honorary Mention in the Business/Health category for the project “Multifunctional system for therapy and rehabilitation using advanced ICT technologies”.
  • Nomination in the “RegioStars” 2020 competition organised by the European Commission in the category Industrial transformation for a smart Europe
  • Nomination of PARP and participation in the Polish Economic Exhibition 2020 confirmed by the Certificate of President Andrzej Duda
  • II place in the category of dental instruments XXVII National Dental Conference EXPODENT – 2021 Toruń

Our History

Key facts and events


Development of
Viofor JPS System technology

Development of Viofor JPS System technology with ion cyclotron resonance — innovation in physical therapy and physical medicine


Registration in the European Union

Product registration in the European Union


Brussels Eureka gold medal

Brussels Eureka gold medal — World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies


Gold medal - "Concours Lepine"

Gold medal — "Concours Lepine" World Exhibition of Innovation Foie de Paris International Fair


Health Fund

Viofor treatments reimbursed by the Polish National Health Fund


Implementation of medical technology

Development and implementation of medical technology into combined therapy with pulsed magnetic field and LED light


Health Benefit Basket in Poland

Viofor treatments in the Guaranteed Health Benefit Basket in Poland


of in vitro experimental research

Development of in vitro experimental research of the effect of Viofor on the healing process of chronic wounds


Viofor in implant treatment

Viofor applied in implant treatment


The cardioprotective
effect of the Viofor system

First experimental research confirming the cardioprotective effect of the Viofor system


Multifunctional ICT-based therapy system

Development of the technology for a multifunctional ICT-based therapy system


EU REGIOSTARS competition

Nomination for EU REGIOSTARS competition


Immunity enhancement — clinical evaluation and implementation

Viofor becomes the first non-pharmacological device with proven impact on immunity enhancement — clinical evaluation and implementation


Latest publications

Evaluation of β-endorphin concentration, mood, and pain intensity in men with idiopatic hip osteoarthritis treated with variable magnetic field

Koczy B., Stołtny T., Pasek J., Lesiakowska-Pawliczek M., Czech Sz., Ostałowska A., Kasperczyk S., Białkowska M., Cieślar G.

therapeutic areas

Med & Life holds a leading position among manufacturers of medical devices for physical therapy in many therapeutic areas. Med & Life holds a leading position among manufacturers of medical devices for physical therapy in many therapeutic areas. The results of clinical research conducted with the use of Viofor products support and develop methods in the field of physical medicine. The indications for use of our products have been confirmed with certificates for medical devices.

The analgesic effect is the most salient feature of the therapies provided by Med & Life medical devices, and their effectiveness is the most common research objective and the most widely documented area in literature. Viofor's physical methods in pain therapy can be an effective and non-invasive alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
Med & Life has a wealth of experience in helping people struggling with musculoskeletal conditions. The regenerative, analgesic, antispastic, anti-inflammatory and circulatory effects documented in the course of 20 years ensure a wide and effective application in osteoarticular disorders.
Viofor is the first non-pharmacological medical device with a proven effect on immunity enhancement. The immune-boosting effect is a breakthrough in the field of physical medicine and brings new possibilities in supporting the treatment of people suffering from immune deficiencies.
Anti-inflammatory, circulation-enhancing and immune system-boosting effects are the basis of clinical outcomes in the treatment of lower leg ulcers, hard-to-heal wounds, including thermal burn wounds. In vitro research  show an increase in anti-inflammatory cytokines and a decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines in patients with burn wounds. Viofor treatments are followed by improvements in the clinical condition of patients. It can be used to treat complications related to diabetes, such as diabetic foot.
Med & Life has been offering effective therapies to support the rehabilitation of people with diseases of the nervous system for over 20 years. Evaluating the efficacy of pulsed magnetic field and LED light therapy in nervous system disorders, including antispastic effects, is a recurring research objective. It is especially recommended for the rehabilitation of  conditions resulting from brain strokes.
Med & Life cooperates with a number of scientific centres to evaluate the effectiveness of pulsed magnetic field and LED light treatments in dental problems. Observations include complications such as pain, nerve damage, complications after anaesthesia, and inflammation of the periapical tissues. In assessing the effectiveness and developing indications, we rely on the results of research and observations carried out in clinical and rehabilitation settings. Within the framework of the clinical evaluation, scientific papers on the use of Viofor between 1999 and 2020 were collected and analysed.


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