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Good health and well-being are the basis for a long and fulfilled life. Viofor helps you make the most of it, offering therapies the effectiveness of which has been proven by numerous research studies and awards.

Therapeutic effects

20 years of clinical research and observation

Viofor therapy has been evaluated on a total of more than 17,000 patients and its effectiveness has been clinically proven in 30 conditions.




Years of observation and research
in clinical settings





Continuous development of Viofor technology


With a track record of more than 30 awards and distinctions, Viofor is the most acclaimed medical device for pulsed magnetic field therapy and LED phototherapy among independent experts.

  • Polish Product of the Future 2000 award in the category: product of the future for Viofor JPS System awarded by the Technology Agency
  • Entrepreneurship Leader title awarded by the 7th Polish Forum of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Gold Trade Fair Medal and Special Prize of the Croatian Inventors Association – World Exhibition of Research and New Technologies “Brussels Eureka” – 2001 Brussels
  • Gold medal and diploma of appreciation – 101st World Salon of Inventions “Concours Lepine” at the international fair “Foire de Paris – Paris 2002
  • Gold Fair Medal – International Innovation, New Technologies, and Economic Cooperation Fair “INVEST – TECHNOLOGY” – 2002 Warsaw
  •  „Lider Innowacji” [Innovation Leader] Title and golden fair medal – INTARG Economic and Scientific Innovation Fairs – 2002 Katowice
  • Gold Trade Fair Medal – International Trade Fair “Ideas – Inventions – Novelties” IENA – 2002 Nuremberg
  • Polish Product of the Future 2002 Grand Prize in the “Product of the Future” category
  • Gold medal – 5th International Invention Exhibition “Innovations 2003” – 2003 Gdansk
  • Honorary Mention in the competition “Hussar of Europe” 2003 under the patronage of ” Puls Biznesu” “Polish ambassador on the European Union markets
  • Silver medal – International Salon of Inventions – 2004 Geneva
  • Gold Aesculapius of the Poznan International Fair – SALUS Forum and Salon of Prevention and Treatment – 2004 Poznan
  • Gold and silver trade fair medal – 104th International Salon of Inventions “Concours Lepine” – 2005 Paris
  • Gold Medal of the 54th World Exhibition of Inventions, Research and New Technologies “Brussels Eureka” – 2005 Brussels
  • Trade fair medal and diploma of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research International Innovation Fair GENIUS-BUDAPEST’ – 2006 Budapest
  • Cup and diploma of the Minister of Science – Chairman of the Scientific Research Committee for innovative activities in 2002, 2004 and 2006
  • Medal and fair diploma VIII Rehmed Expo Rehabilitation and Health Resort Treatment Fair – 2008 Kielce
  • Promotional Emblem in the 1st edition of the 18th „Teraz Polska” [Now Poland] Competition for Innovative Enterprises
  • Medal and diploma IX Rehmed Expo Rehabilitation and Health Resort Treatment Fair – 2009 Kielce
  • First prize in the category Highest Product Quality Second International Symposium on Dental Physiology – 2009 Świnoujście
  • Polish Product of the Future 2019 award for the project “Multifunctional system for therapy and rehabilitation using advanced ICT technologies”
  •  „Lider Zmian” [Leader of Change] 2019 Honorary Mention in the Business/Health category for the project “Multifunctional system for therapy and rehabilitation using advanced ICT technologies”.
  • Nomination in the “RegioStars” 2020 competition organised by the European Commission in the category Industrial transformation for a smart Europe
  • Nomination of PARP and participation in the Polish Economic Exhibition 2020 confirmed by the Certificate of President Andrzej Duda
  • II place in the category of dental instruments XXVII National Dental Conference EXPODENT – 2021 Toruń

Medical device for magnetic field and LED light therapy


The indications for the use of Viofor products are confirmed with certificates for medical devices.

All Viofor models hold the status of medical devices in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC and the Medical Devices Act.

ISO 13485
PN-EN ISO 9001

Medical publications

The highest recommendation for Viofor therapy is supported by scientific publications confirming its effectiveness"

“The synergic effect of ledotherapy and magnetostimulation is particularly beneficial in analgesic, vasodilatative and spasmolytic treatment. It stabilizes cellular membranes of neurons and enhances plasticity processes in the brain, which is particularly important in children with central and peripheral nervous systems lesions.”
Kwiecień-Czerwieniec I., Woldańska-Okońska M.: Magnetoledtherapy in comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation. Polish Annals of Medicine 19, 2012, 163-169.
“Low-frequency magnetic field therapy complements treatment with other methods and is the basis for the prevention of civilisation diseases and rehabilitation in many areas of clinical medicine.”
Sieroń A., Pasek J., Mucha R.: Magnetic field and light energy in medicine and rehabilitation — magnetoledotherapy. Baln. Pol. 2007, 69 (1), 1-7.
“The bioenergetic effect of pulsed magnetic field therapy is a factor that stimulates cell nutrition and growth and regulates intercellular processes leading to the regeneration of the body.”
Dudek J., Głąb G.: Magnetosymulacja Viofor JPS w leczeniu i rehabilitacji dzieci i młodzieży. Rehabilitacja w Praktyce, 2015, 6, 37-40.
“Our research shows that the analgesic effect stems from the direct effect of combined alternating magnetic field therapy with optical radiation on the body's opioid system, reducing pain and inflammatory process.”
Pasek J., Mucha R., Sieroń A.: Magnetoledoterapia w leczeniu bólu zmian zwyrodnieniowych stawów kolanowych. Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2006-3-189-191.


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