For the elderly

Pulsed magnetic field therapy and Viofor JPS light therapy for the elderly

Health prophylaxis, treatment support and strength recovery

Keep good shape
despite ageing

Late maturity can be a very rewarding time. Modern elderly persons are active and want to enjoy life. However, they have to cope with age limitations and greater susceptibility to various infections and diseases. So how can one outdo time and overcome biological factors to be able to enjoy good shape at any age?

Modern physical medicine offers methods that significantly alleviate the discomforts of old age, inhibit the ageing process, improve well-being and physical and mental fitness.

Pulsed magnetic field therapy and/or LED light therapy — magnetostimulation, magnetic-led therapy, magnetotherapy — through its regenerative effect help to maintain a satisfactory health status, improving the quality of life of the elderly. Magnetic field and LED light therapy also effectively supports the treatment of many diseases and conditions observed in retired persons.

Health prevention

Main benefits
for the elderly

  • Improvement of peripheral circulation, microcirculation and body oxygenation
  • Slowing down of the ageing processes
  • Improving shape and physical fitness
  • Increasing the body’s resistance

Viofor in diseases observed in retired persons

Supporting the treatment of diseases and conditions
of retired persons

The elderly often struggle with more than one chronic disease and various health problems. In the elderly, back pain and joint pain are common, the strength and mass of skeletal muscles are reduced, and the flexibility of tendons and ligaments decreases.These factors have an effect on postural deformation, imbalance and movement coordination. Regular use of Viofor therapy — magnetostimulation, magnetic-led therapy, magnetotherapy — allows to inhibit the progressive degeneration of tissues and counteracts the discomforts resulting from age and the ageing process

Chronic pain

Treatment of Pain



The analgesic effect of magnetic fields and LED light is related to many phenomena occurring at the cellular, tissue and organ levels. Viofor therapies have anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties and accelerate the wound healing process. The use of Viofor treatments affects the quality and comfort of everyday living both in the fight against chronic pain, post-traumatic pain and in postoperative conditions.

Main advantages:

  • Long-term pain reduction
  • Support in the treatment of the cause of pain
  • Reducing the amount of medications you take

The effect is a reduction in pain intensity and the appearance of longer periods without pain.”

Osteoarthritis and rheumatism

Spinal osteoarthritis

Peripheral osteoarthritis

Regular treatments with the Viofor system reduce pain in the course of rheumatic diseases and degeneration of joints and limbs, which improves performance, facilitates movement and everyday activities. Permanent pain relief is an added value.



The Viofor magnetic field therapy stops or slows down the process of bone loss and the decrease of its mineralization. After the procedures, there is an increase in the concentration of bone formation markers.

Treatments with magnetostimulation also reduce pain.

Circulatory disorders: pressure ulcers, non-healing wounds

Hard-to-heal wounds

Ulcers and pressure ulcers

Magnetostimulation and magnetic-led therapy improve peripheral circulation and microcirculation, improving blood flow and the transport of oxygen and nutrients. It soothes inflammation and thus prevents the formation of emboli in the blood vessels.

Viofor magnetostimulation and magnetic-led therapy treatments accelerate the healing of wounds and ulcers. It is a long-term process and regular treatments are recommended until complete healing. They can be used together with dressings and medical treatment.

“The results of numerous studies confirm the beneficial effect of variable magnetic field therapy on the healing process of infected wounds and the course of bacterial infections of soft tissue and skin.”

Diabetic complications
(diabetic foot)

Diabetic foot

Therapy with pulsed magnetic field and LED light is effective support in the treatment of diabetic complications and reduces the risk of their occurrence. The anti-inflammatory effect, improving peripheral circulation and supporting the immune system, contributes to high effectiveness in the treatment of diabetic complications such as diabetic foot, lower-leg ulcers (in the course of diabetic angiopathy). Improvement of microcirculation as well as angiogenic and vasodilating effects reduce the risk of complications related to ischaemia, such as diabetic foot.

Post-stroke rehabilitation


The use of Viofor magnetostimulation and magnetic-led therapy helps to restore the performance of paralytic limbs. It accelerates the recovery of motor performance and reduces spasticity. A significant improvement in cognitive functions is observed, thanks to which stroke sufferers return faster to an active life.

“Viofor magnetostimulation is an element supporting the basic treatment that improves the condition of patients after a stroke.”

Sciatica and brachialgia



Magnetostimulation, thanks to the improvement of cell metabolism and nervous tissue conductivity, supports the treatment of sciatica, assuring a significant reduction or complete pain relief.


Other applications


Research works using Viofor

“The results of long-term exposure to the magnetic field in the form of pain relief, ulcer cleansing and stimulation of the healing process indicate that due to the high therapeutic effectiveness, lack of side effects, the option of co-use with routine pharmacotherapy
and occlusive dressing, magnetostimulation is an effective form of therapy.”
Treatment of trophic leg ulcers with application of variable magnetic fields. XXII Symposium Electromagnetic Phenomena In Non linear Circutis, 26-29 June, 2012, Pula Croatia. Pasek J., Sieroń A., Cieślar G.
“The co-application of infrared radiation generated by LEDs and a magnetic field mutually enhance the analgesic effect in patients with pain syndromes of the lumbosacral spine, especially in terms of pain intensity and its frequency. Reducing pain intensity in patients with back pain syndromes increases the physical activity and reduces the use of medicines.”
Ocena skuteczności przeciwbólowej magnetoledoterapii u chorych z zespołami bólowymi kręgosłupa lędźwiowo-krzyżowego. Wiad. Lek. 2010, 63, 4, 265-275. Krukowska J., Woldańska-Okońska W., Jankowska K., Kwiecień-Czerwieniec I., Czernicki J.
“Low-frequency magnetic fields reduce the perceived pain in patients diagnosed
with sciatic neuralgia, which improves their quality of life.”
Zastosowanie pola magnetycznego oraz promieniowania optycznego w leczeniu zespołów bólowych kręgosłupa, w szczególności rwy kulszowej. Aktualn Neurol 2012, 12 (1), 65-68. Pasek J., Kwiatek P., Pasek T., Szajkowski S., Szewc A., Sieroń A.
“The procedure was a part of comprehensive rehabilitation plan using Viofor JPS device.
It proved the effectiveness of magnetic field therapy in patients with post-stroke cognitive failure.”
Wykorzystanie magnetostymulacji w rehabilitacji medycznej u pacjentów z poudarowym zaburzeniem poznawczym. Acta Balneologica 2013, tom LV, nr 1 (131), 31-35. Pułyk A., Żurawlew W., Timczenko N.


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