Support for treatment and rehabilitation

Magnetic field and LED light in the treatment and rehabilitation of conditions after fractures, contusions and injuries, motor system conditions, diabetic complications and neurologic conditions.

Therapies utilizing Viofor medical devices expedite rehabilitation outcomes and provide support in treating a wide range of diseases. They are recommended particularly for the rehabilitation of injuries and traumas, musculoskeletal disorders, and neurological conditions. The health benefits, remarkable effectiveness, and safety of Viofor therapy have been substantiated by extensive medical research spanning two decades, involving over 10,000 patients.

Magnetostimulation and magnetic-led therapy are recommended in the neurological rehabilitation of adults as well as pediatric rehabilitation. They are primarily used as supportive therapies that facilitate and enhance comprehensive treatment for patients.

Viofor treatments accelerate rehabilitation and the treatment of musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders and injuries. Viofor therapies do not produce a thermal effect, allowing them to be used even in acute conditions such as burn wound treatment. The best therapeutic results are observed in individuals who begin treatment promptly after the first onset of symptoms, injury, or surgery.


The main benefits
of Viofor treatments

  • Rapid recovery of bone tissue and soft tissues
  • Improvement of motor functions and manual dexterity
  • Reduction of muscle tone and spasticity
  • Reduction of pain


Viofor therapies are used:

In conditions after fractures, contusions and soft tissue injuries


Fractures, contusions and soft tissue injuries

The use of treatments after injuries and fractures accelerates the healing process, bone mineralization, reduces pain and inflammation, and prevents complications resulting from delayed healing. The haematomas and oedema are absorbed faster, the risk of complications is reduced, and the wound healing process proceeds smoothly.

In the papers on Viofor, based on the questionnaire studies, it was shown that symptoms disappear, as well as a significant improvement or improvement in the rehabilitation of post-traumatic conditions (fractures, sprains, sports injuries) occurs.

Treatment group 160 subjects

Symptom relief 61.9%

Significant improvement 30.6%

Moderate improvement 5.6%

Sieroń A., Sieroń-Stołtny K., Biniszkiewicz T., Stanek A., Stołtny T., Biniszkiewicz K.: Analiza skuteczności terapeutycznej systemem Viofor JPS w wybranych jednostkach chorobowych. Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2001-7-1-8.

In the treatment of
motor system disorders

Osteoarticular system conditions



The regenerative, analgesic and circulatory effects documented in the course of 20 years ensure a wide and effective application in osteoarticular disorders, including bone structure recovery. Viofor treatments effectively support the treatment of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in peripheral joints and the spine. The treatments accelerate the process of osteogenesis, increase bone mineralization and relieve pain.

In papers using Viofor based on surveys in people with spinal osteoarthritis, the following was noted:

Treatment group 702 people

Relief of symptoms in 21% of subjects

Significant improvement in 51% of subjects

Improvement in 21% of subjects

Sieroń A., Sieroń-Stołtny K., Biniszkiewicz T., Stanek A., Stołtny T., Biniszkiewicz K.: Analiza skuteczności terapeutycznej systemem Viofor JPS w wybranych jednostkach chorobowych. Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2001, 7, 1-8.

In the course of
diabetic angiopathy

Diabetic complications



The regenerative effect, improving peripheral circulation and supporting the immune system, increases the effectiveness of the treatment of diabetic complications, such as diabetic foot, lower-leg ulcers (in the course of diabetic angiopathy).

“There is a reduction in pain and a marked reduction in symptoms such as tingling, burning, the sensation of “dead feet”


Pasek J., Sieroń A., Cieślar G.: Treatment of trophic leg ulcers with application of variale magnetic fields. XXII Symposium Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circutis, 2012, Croatia, Pula, 26-29 June.

In the rehabilitation
of neurologic conditions

Neurologic conditions



Viofor therapies are used in post-stroke conditions and in degenerative diseases of the nervous system. Treatments improve neurological functions and nerve conduction. In post-stroke conditions, magnetostimulation helps to restore the performance of paralytic limbs, accelerates the recovery of psycho-motor functions, reduces paresthesia and improves sleep quality.

In the trials using Viofor based on the questionnaire studies, the following were shown:

Paralysis, paresis, post-stroke conditions — treatment group 219 people

Significant improvement in 47% of subjects
Improvement in 43% of subjects

Sieroń A., Sieroń-Stołtny K., Biniszkiewicz T., Stanek A., Stołtny T., Biniszkiewicz K.: Analiza skuteczności terapeutycznej systemem Viofor JPS w wybranych jednostkach chorobowych. Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2001, 7, 1-8.


Other applications

Medical publications

“Early use of magnetostimulation treatments has a positive effect on the regeneration
of peripheral nerves and bone union disturbances, which often allows a surgical revision
to be avoided.”
Dudek J., Głąb G.: Magnetostymulacja Viofor JPS w leczeniu i rehabilitacji dzieci i młodzieży Rehabilitacja w praktyce 2015, 6, 37-40.
“The treatments were included in a comprehensive rehabilitation plan using the Viofor JPS device.The treatment plan confirmed the effectiveness of magnetic field therapy
in patients with post-stroke cognitive impairment.”Trial using the Viofor device
Pułyk A., Żurawlew W.: Timczenko N. Wykorzystanie magnetostymulacji w rehabilitacji medycznej u pacjentów z poudarowym zaburzeniem poznawczym. Acta Balneologica 2013, tom LV, nr 1 (131), 31-35.
“Viofor magnetostimulation treatments significantly contribute to the reduction of nerve and muscle excitability in patients with increased muscle tone, demonstrating high therapeutic effectiveness after the first treatments.”
Krukowska J., Łukasiak A. Krukowska J., Czernicki J.: Impact of magnetostimulation on nerve and muscle electrical excitability in patients with increased muscle tone. Polish Annals of Medicine 19(1012);15-20.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Viofor System is a family of innovative medical devices. The products are applied in the treatment, rehabilitation, and biological regeneration. The utilized forms of energy include pulsed magnetic field and LED light.
Viofor therapies are primarily used in:
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Post-fractures, injuries, and trauma
  • Neurological conditions
  • Treatment of pain
  • Non-healing wounds and burns
  • Dental complications and issues
  • Biological regeneration and psychoprophylaxis
A list of conditions and diseases in which Viofor therapies are applied can be found in the Applications section. If you cannot find your specific condition or have doubts about how Viofor therapies can help you, please contact us. We will definitely assist you!
The set consists of a control unit and applicators. The Viofor control unit models differ in terms of therapy options. The applicators, which are connected to the control unit, emit magnetic fields and/or light, allowing for the chosen form of therapy (magnetostimulation,  magnetic-led therapy). The selection of the controller and applicators depends on the specific needs of the condition and individual client or the profile of the facility where the Viofor treatments will be performed.
The Viofor ser typically includes:
  • Control Unit
  • Selected applicators
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual
  • Adaptor- allows to correct application of the magnetic field simultaneously from two applicators
To carry out magnetostimulation treatment, you will need a Viofor control unit that generates the therapeutic pulsed magnetic field and a magnetostimulation applicator. The therapy primarily relies on exposing the entire body. The targeted area should be positioned within the effective range of the magnetic field, which can be achieved by placing it inside the coil of a ring applicator, on the surface of a mat, or between two flat applicators. Importantly, the magnetic field easily permeates through clothing, dressings, and even casts without hindrance.
Magnetic-LED therapy - magnetoledotherapy - utilizes specific applicators to deliver localized treatments to different body regions. Panel applicators are employed for larger areas, such as the back, while specialized applicators are used for more targeted treatments, such as those in dentistry. During the treatment, both light and magnetic fields are simultaneously applied from a single applicator. LED light treatments are performed on exposed areas of the body. LED applicators are designed for close or direct contact, as long as the skin is free from infection and properly cleansed. It is important to ensure that the applicator surface remains parallel to the treated area during the procedure.


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