Support for treatment and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of injuries and contusions

Pulsed magnetic field and LED light Viofor JPS
in fracture healing and rehabilitation of injuries

Accelerate the
effects of rehabilitation

Viofor treatments — magnetostimulation, magnetic-led therapy — accelerate the effects of rehabilitation, reduce pain and inflammation, support recovery and reduce complications related to the healing process.

In addition, the magnetic field freely penetrates clothes, plaster casts or orthoses and so it can be used at any stage of treatment and rehabilitation.

When should magnetic field therapy and LED phototherapy be used?

Viofor therapy is recommended:

In the rehabilitation after
fractures and orthopaedic procedures

Conditions after fractures, contusions and injuries



Viofor treatments guarantee a much shorter time of bone tissue regeneration and remodelling, as well as a quick return to full static-motor performance. Viofor therapies stimulate faster healing of postoperative wounds and prevent complications.

Magnetostimulation is used in orthopaedics due to their regenerating and analgesic effects.

Sieroń A., Jędrzejewska A., Dobosiewicz K., Czubak J., Mucha R., Flak M., Dyner-Jama I., Szota M., Czernicki K., Liska A., Durmała J. Magnetostymulacja z jonowym rezonansem cyklotronowym jako nowa metoda wspomagająca leczenie powikłań neurologicznych przy złamaniach. Neurol. Dziec. 2007, 16 (31), 1-5.

In joint inflammations

Osteoarticular system conditions


Viofor treatments, through their analgesic effects, are utilized in the treatment of injuries and inflammatory joint conditions. They contribute to improving joint mobility and alleviating pain symptoms in inflamed tissues.


The study showed a high effectiveness of magnetostimulation in patients with pain syndromes of the musculoskeletal system of both degenerative and inflammatory origin in the lumbar spine and joints of the limbs. There was an increase in the mobility of the spine and joints of the limbs as well as an improvement in the general well-being.

Jankowska E., Pietraszkiewicz T., Thannhauser J., Borodulin-Nadzieja L.: Wykorzystanie magnetostymulacji w terapii zespołów bólowych narządu ruchu (badania własne). Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2000, 6, 29-33.

In the treatment of wounds after injuries and healing post-surgical procedures

Hard-healing wounds and burns

Regenerates damaged tissues, among others, by increasing the efficiency of the immune system (decreasing the concentration of pro-inflammatory factors and increasing the concentration of anti-inflammatory factors) and improving circulation.

The use of magnetostimulation in patients with severe burn injuries greatly improved the immune system’s ability to regulate itself. This improvement was seen through increased activity of Treg lymphocytes, higher production of cytokines that help regulate the immune response and reduce inflammation, and a decrease in the production of cytokines that promote inflammation.


Stankiewicz W., Szymański P., Dąbrowski M.P., Witkowski W.: Immunocorrective effects of magnetostimulation administered in patients with thermal injury. Przegląd Techniczny 2009, R.85., Nr. 12, 49-50


Other applications

Medical publications

“The treatments were included in a comprehensive rehabilitation plan using the Viofor JPS device.The treatment plan confirmed the effectiveness of magnetic field therapy
in patients with post-stroke cognitive impairment.”Trial using the Viofor device.
Żurawlew W., Timczenko N.: Wykorzystanie magnetostymulacji w rehabilitacji medycznej u pacjentów z poudarowym zaburzeniem poznawczym. Acta Balneologica 2013, tom LV, nr 1 (131), 31-35 A., Żurawlew W., Timczenko N.
“Early use of magnetostimulation treatments has a positive effect on the regeneration
of peripheral nerves and bone union disturbances, which often allows a surgical revision
to be avoided.”
Dudek J., Głąb G.: Magnetostymulacja Viofor JPS w leczeniu i rehabilitacji dzieci i młodzieży Rehabilitacja w praktyce 2015, 6, 37-40.
“Viofor magnetostimulation treatments significantly contribute to the reduction of nerve and muscle excitability in patients with increased muscle tone, demonstrating high therapeutic effectiveness after the first treatments.”
Krukowska J., Łukasiak A., Krukowska J., Czernicki J.: Impact of magnetostimulation on nerve and muscle electrical excitability in patients with increased muscle tone. Polish Annals of Medicine 19 (1012); 15-20.
“On the basis of the conducted research, it was proven that slowly changing magnetic fields with magnetostimulation parameters have a beneficial modifying effect on the bioelectric activity of the brain in people with Down syndrome, which, however, due to genetic conditions, does not obtain the image typical for healthy people. The objectively demonstrated improvement of the bioelectrical activity of the brain after magnetostimulation suggests the use of slowly changing magnetic fields as a method supporting basic rehabilitation in people with Down's syndrome of any age.”
Sadowska L., Mysłek-Prucnal M., Choińska A.M., Mazur A.: Diagnostyka i terapia dzieci z zespołem Downa w świetle badań własnych i przeglądu literatury przedmiotu. Przeg. Med. Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego 2009, 1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Viofor System is a family of innovative medical devices. The products are applied in the treatment, rehabilitation, and biological regeneration. The utilized forms of energy include pulsed magnetic field and LED light.
Viofor therapies are primarily used in:
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Post-fractures, injuries, and trauma
  • Neurological conditions
  • Treatment of pain
  • Non-healing wounds and burns
  • Dental complications and issues
  • Biological regeneration and psychoprophylaxis
A list of conditions and diseases in which Viofor therapies are applied can be found in the Applications section. If you cannot find your specific condition or have doubts about how Viofor therapies can help you, please contact us. We will definitely assist you!
The set consists of a control unit and applicators. The Viofor control unit models differ in terms of therapy options. The applicators, which are connected to the control unit, emit magnetic fields and/or light, allowing for the chosen form of therapy (magnetostimulation,  magnetic-led therapy). The selection of the controller and applicators depends on the specific needs of the condition and individual client or the profile of the facility where the Viofor treatments will be performed.
The Viofor ser typically includes:
  • Control Unit
  • Selected applicators
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual
  • Adaptor- allows to correct application of the magnetic field simultaneously from two applicators
To carry out magnetostimulation treatment, you will need a Viofor control unit that generates the therapeutic pulsed magnetic field and a magnetostimulation applicator. The therapy primarily relies on exposing the entire body. The targeted area should be positioned within the effective range of the magnetic field, which can be achieved by placing it inside the coil of a ring applicator, on the surface of a mat, or between two flat applicators. Importantly, the magnetic field easily permeates through clothing, dressings, and even casts without hindrance.
Magnetic-LED therapy - magnetoledotherapy - utilizes specific applicators to deliver localized treatments to different body regions. Panel applicators are employed for larger areas, such as the back, while specialized applicators are used for more targeted treatments, such as those in dentistry. During the treatment, both light and magnetic fields are simultaneously applied from a single applicator. LED light treatments are performed on exposed areas of the body. LED applicators are designed for close or direct contact, as long as the skin is free from infection and properly cleansed. It is important to ensure that the applicator surface remains parallel to the treated area during the procedure.


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