Pain management

Viofor pulsed magnetic field and LED light
in pain management

Help in the treatment of pain

Viofor relieves pain
and heals its cause

The Viofor therapies using magnetic fields and LED light are an effective alternative to the frequently used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Regular use of treatments allows you to eliminate pain and limit the intake of medications. The Viofor therapies not only relieve pain, but above all target its cause, which makes them an excellent method in the fight to improve the quality of life for everyone, especially people suffering from chronic diseases. 

The analgesic effect is one of the most important features of Viofor therapy. During the treatments — magnetostimulation, magnetotherapy, magnetic-led therapy — the recovery processes in tissues are improved and an anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling reaction takes place, which reduces pain and effectively supports the treatment of its cause.

Viofor therapy is especially recommended in the treatment of chronic pain of various aetiology.

Magnetostimulation, magnetotherapy, and magnetic-led therapy  using the Viofor JPS system are effective, non-invasive and safe methods of pain management. The patented Viofor JPS System technology and the analgesic effect of the therapy have been described and validated in the clinical device evaluation based on 31 clinical studies.

Analgesic effect of Viofor 31 clinical studies, 11 criteria of effectiveness evaluation

  • Long-term pain reduction
  • Reducing the amount of medications you take
  • Support in the treatment of the cause of pain

Viofor therapies in the treatment of pain of various aetiology

Find out about the advantages
of Viofor treatments!

Treatment of rheumatic pain
and osteoarthritic lesions

Back pain syndromes

Peripheral osteoarthritis

Spinal osteoarthritis

Magnetostimulation, magnetotherapy and magnetic-led therapy reduce pain caused by osteoarthritic lesions and rheumatic diseases, which improves efficiency and facilitates movement and the performance of everyday activities.

Analysis of the therapeutic efficacy of magnetostimulation using the Viofor JPS system in osteoarthritis:

  • withdrawal of symptoms: 23% of subjects
  • significant improvement: 49% of the subjects
  • improvement: 25% of the subjects
  • no improvement: 2% of the subjects

Sieroń A., Sieroń-Stołtny K., Biniszkiewicz T., Stanek A., Stołtny T., Biniszkiewicz K.: Analiza skuteczności terapeutycznej systemem Viofor JPS w wybranych jednostkach chorobowych. Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2001, 7, 1-8.

Treatment of back pain syndromes, sciatica and brachialgia

Back pain syndromes




The treatments using magnetic field and Viofor LED light effectively reduce back pain of various aetiology. The research results confirm pain alleviation and reduction of the tension in the paraspinal muscles and periarticular oedema. Viofor treatments are recommended especially for people suffering from sciatica and brachialgia.

„Pola magnetyczne niskiej częstotliwości powodują zmniejszenie odczuwanych dolegliwości bólowych
u pacjentów z rozpoznaniem rwy kulszowej, co wpływa
na poprawę ich jakości życia. Zastosowana terapia pozwala ograniczyć przyjmowanie leków przeciwbólowych.” 


Pasek J., Kwiatek P., Pasek T., Szajkowski S., Szewc A., Sieroń A.: Zastosowanie pola magnetycznego oraz promieniowania optycznego w leczeniu zespołów bólowych kręgosłupa, w szczególności rwy kulszowej. Aktualn Neurol 2012, 12 (1), 65-68.

Treatment of
neuralgia and neuropathy

Neuralgia and neuropathies

Viofor therapy not only relieves pain, but also contributes to faster remodelling and proper functioning of the nerve through its regenerative action. The use of the pulsed magnetic field and the LED light in the Viofor JPS System for the rehabilitation of nerve palsy shortens the treatment duration and is a significant supplement to medical treatment.

The effect of the magnetic field in the Viofor JPS system on the treatment of neuropathic pain:

The use of magnetostimulation improved or relieved neuropathic pain. In many cases, pain relief and hyperesthesia have been observed.

Bryl A., Krauss H., Paluszak J., Kowal P., Sosnowski P., Adamczak A.: Wpływ wolnozmiennego pola magnetycznego na leczenie bólu neuropatycznego. Dyskusyjna rola tlenku azotu. Nowiny Lekarskie 2006, 75, 4, 315-320.

Pain management
in dentistry


Magnetostimulation and magnetic-led therapy have an analgesic, regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect. In dentistry, when applied locally, the effect of Viofor therapy has a significant impact on pain reduction and regeneration of bone structures and soft tissues.

Viofor treatments also increase local immunity, which translates into good treatment effects in the inflammatory conditions of the oral cavity. They will prove useful in relieving pain, after conservative treatment, during prosthetic treatment, after the application of an orthodontic appliance or after implantation.

In studies assessing the effect of Viofor JPS magnetostimulation on the reduction of pain during and after dental treatment, an obvious reduction in the occurrence of pain was observed after each subsequent application of a slowly changing magnetic field. Pain intensity and frequency have decreased, and the use of analgesics has been reduced.

Piechowicz–Lesiakowska A., Opalko K., Lesiakowski M.,: Wpływ magnetostymulacji na redukcję bólu. TPS-Twój Przegląd Stomatologiczny, 10/2005, 24-25.

In the treatment of pain after osteoarticular procedures and in post-traumatic pain

Due to the regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, Viofor treatments are especially recommended in the treatment of post-operative pain and post-traumatic pain.

Regular Viofor treatments significantly reduce the time of bone tissue regeneration and remodelling, reduce swelling, relieve pain, facilitate faster wound healing and restore the function of damaged nerves.

In the analysis of the therapeutic efficacy of magnetostimulation using the Viofor JPS system in patients with post-fracture conditions, the following were noted:

  • symptom relief 46%
  • significant improvement 24%
  • improvement 30%


Sieroń A., Sieroń-Stołtny K., Biniszkiewicz T., Stanek A., Stołtny T., Biniszkiewicz K.: Analiza skuteczności terapeutycznej systemem Viofor JPS w wybranych jednostkach chorobowych. Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2001, 7, 1-8.

In the treatment of pain caused by postoperative abdominal complications

One of the more serious complications after abdominal surgeries or abdominal procedures (laparoscopy, gynaecological procedures, intestinal procedures) are adhesions that often cause nagging, chronic or recurring pain. Viofor treatments are an effective form of treatment of chronic abdominal pain caused by multiple peritoneal adhesions.

After two therapeutic cycles of Viofor magnetostimulation and magnetotherapy, a significant reduction in pain intensity and improvement in the quality of life in patients treated for postoperative abdominal complications were achieved.

Sieroń A., Pasek J., Cieślar G.: Variable magnetic fields in the conservative analgesic treatment of peritoneal adhesions. Przegląd elektrotechniczny, 2011, 12b, 87, 149-151.


Other applications


Clinical trials

“The use of magnetic field therapy in the treatment of men with idiopathic
hip osteoarthritis resulted in a statistically significant increase in the β-endorphin plasma concentration, which resulted in a statistically significant analgesic effect
with a concurrent reduction in the need for analgesics.”
Evaluation of β-endorphin concentration, mood, and pain intensity in men with idiopatic hip osteoarthritis treated with variable magnetic field. Medicine 2019, 98:30, 1-7. Koczy B., Stołtny T., Pasek J., Lesiakowska-Pawliczek M., Czech Sz., Ostałowska A., Kasperczyk S., Białkowska M., Cieślar G.
“The effect is a reduction in pain intensity and the appearance of longer periods without pain. This confirms the beneficial effects of magnetostimulation in the treatment
of trigeminal neuralgia.”
Neuralgia nerwu trójdzielnego: leczenie za pomocą pola magnetycznego o niskiej indukcji. Opis przypadku. Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2001, 7, 15-16. Bryl A., Paluszak J.
“The co-application of infrared radiation generated by LEDs and a magnetic field mutually enhance the analgesic effect in patients with pain syndromes of the lumbosacral spine, especially in terms of pain intensity and its frequency. Reducing pain intensity in patients with back pain syndromes increases the physical activity and reduces the use of medicines.”
Ocena skuteczności przeciwbólowej magnetoledoterapii u chorych z zespołami bólowymi kręgosłupa lędźwiowo-krzyżowego. Wiad. Lek. 2010, 63, 4, 265-275. Krukowska J., Woldańska-Okońska W., Jankowska K., Kwiecień-Czerwieniec I., Czernicki J.
“Magnetotherapy and magnetostimulation with alternating magnetic fields are effective methods of treating chronic abdominal pain caused by multiple post-surgical peritoneal adhesions, especially due to their high therapeutic efficacy, good tolerability, lack of side effects and ease of use.”
Variable magnetic fields in the conservative analgesic treatment of peritoneal adhesions. Przegląd elektrotechniczny, 20-21, 12b, 87, 149-151. Sieroń A., Pasek J., Cieślar G.
“Magnetoledotherapy has a significant analgesic effect in patients with the lumbosacral spine pain syndrome.”
Ocena działania przeciwbólowego magnetoledoterapii u chorych z zespołem bólowym kręgosłupa. Acta Balneol, TOM LIX, nr 1 (147); 2017; 44-48. Tomczak D., Raczkowska D., Tomczak W., Artoszewicz M.


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