Pulsed magnetic field and LED light Viofor JPS System in dentistry

Physical therapies — magnetostimulation, magnetic-led therapy, magnetotherapy — Viofor in dentistry

Support in bone structure regeneration, treatment of post-procedural complications and inflammations

Therapy with Viofor pulsed magnetic field and LED light — magnetostimulation, magnetotherapy, magnetic-led therapy — is recommended as an effective support in dental treatment. Over 20 years of trials and clinical observations confirm the effectiveness of Viofor magnetostimulation, magnetotherapy and magnetic-led therapy as non-invasive forms of therapy, which, thanks to their analgesic, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antispastic and vasodilating properties and stimulation of neural conductivity, are widely used in dental problems and complications.

The effectiveness of regenerative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects as well as in neurologic conditions has been confirmed in clinical studies by over 280 doctors and specialists.

Nerve paralysis
and numbness

Nerve paralysis and numbness

Therapy using pulsed magnetic field and LED light — magnetostimulation, magnetic-led therapy, magnetotherapy — is recommended as a method supporting basic dental treatment in the therapy of post-extraction complications, peripheral facial nerve palsy, lingual and alveolar nerve paralysis, and trigeminal neuralgia. Viofor treatments contribute to the remodelling and proper functioning of damaged nerves in dental complications and the relief or alleviation of pain.

These therapies are extremely effective in terms of analgesic and regenerative treatment, they accelerate the return of sensation, and improve neurological functions and nerve conductivity.

“Symptoms depend on the severity of the damage. Assessing the obtained results, one may claim a positive effect of slowly changing magnetic fields with ion cyclotron resonance generated by the Viofor JPS device on the lingual nerve. It was clinically proven that the function of the damaged nerves has been restored in a significantly shorter time than in previous treatment (the period of spontaneous recovery lasts at least six months).”

Periapical changes
and bone structure recovery

Periapical changes and bone structure recovery

Viofor magnetostimulation and magnetic-led therapy significantly accelerate osteogenesis, increase bone mineralization and shorten the treatment time. Viofor treatments are recommended as a method supporting the basic treatment in the healing of periapical tissues. The pulsed magnetic field and LED light cause a statistically significant concentration of the bone structure both in the area of osteolysis visible in the X-ray image and in the bone of the healthy periapical area.

In clinical trials using Viofor*, the recovery of the bone structure was achieved in 90% of the adult subjects. A statistically significant increase in trabeculation was obtained at the site of the former osteolysis of various sizes. The concentration of the healthy bone structure was also observed in almost every subject. Studies assessing the effectiveness of the regenerative effect on bone structures are based on the measurement of the increase in bone density level, comparing the time of bone tissue regeneration and remodelling.


Pain management
in dental problems


The analgesic effect is one of the most important features of Viofor therapy. During treatments — magnetostimulation, magnetotherapy, magnetic-led therapy — regenerative processes in tissues are improved, as well as an anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling reaction, which reduces pain and effectively supports the treatment of its cause. A strong analgesic effect occurs mainly through the increase in the secretion of endogenous substances , belonging to b-endorphins, responsible for increasing the pain threshold.

In studies assessing the effect of Viofor JPS magnetostimulation on the reduction of pain during and after dental treatment, an obvious reduction in pain rates was observed after each subsequent application of a slowly changing magnetic field. Pain intensity and frequency have decreased, and the use of analgesics has been reduced.


Oral inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effect is related to the stimulation of the formation of c-AMP and prostaglandin E. It influences the accumulation of c-AMP, which enables the reduction of the secretion of inflammatory mediators. Viofor treatments also support the immune system, which translates into good treatment effects in inflammatory conditions of the oral cavity. They will prove useful in relieving pain, after conservative treatment, during prosthetic treatment, after the application of an orthodontic appliance or after implantation.

Significant shortening of the treatment process of chronic inflammations was observed. The influence of Viofor JPS treatments on the nervous system in the pulp was confirmed by an electrical test. As a result, a significant increase in the pulp excitability threshold was obtained.

Rehabilitation after
orthognathic surgeries

Numerous studies have demonstrated the multidirectional, beneficial effect of Viofor magnetostimulation and magnetic-LED therapy on the body, in particular on the withdrawal of inflammation, the onset of pain relief, acceleration of the healing processes in bones and soft tissues, and regeneration of damaged nerve structures.

Viofor therapies after surgeries are used to treat and prevent complications, e.g. haematomas, oedema, scarring, and to reduce both acute and chronic pain.

“The effectiveness of magnetostimulation and magnetic-led therapy treatments to reduce pain and swelling as well as to restore sensation in the inferior alveolar nerve is high. There is also an acceleration of the process of social and professional activation of patients after the described surgical operations.”


In the implantological

Viofor therapies — magnetostimulation, magnetic-led therapy — are recommended both in the preparatory process before implantation and after surgery.

In the case of bone tissue deficits, when there is a need to rebuild the lost tissue, and after surgery in order to avoid complications and reduce pain and treat complications such as haematomas, swelling and inflammation.


Other applications

Physicians and scientists about the use of pulsed magnetic field and LED light in dentistry

Research works using Viofor

“Assessing the obtained results, one may claim a positive effect of slowly changing magnetic fields with ion cyclotron resonance generated by the Viofor JPS device on the lingual nerve. It was clinically proven that the function of the damaged nerves has been restored in a significantly shorter time than in previous treatment (the period
of spontaneous recovery lasts at least six months).”
Rehabilitacja nerwu językowego z zastosowaniem wolnozmiennych pól magnetycznych z jonowym rezonansem cyklotronowym – doniesienia wstępne. Nowa Stomat. 2004,1,27, 20-23. Clinical paper. Lesiakowski M., Opalko K., Sroczyk M., Piechowicz-Lesiakowska A.
“The use of Viofor magnetostimulation treatments led to visible improvement. Depending on the size of the nerve damage and the time since injury, the rate of sensation recovery was different. During the procedures, patients often experienced tingling, increased numbness, and even some pain in the area of the tissues supplied by the damaged nerve. These symptoms withdrew in the course of further treatments. After the completion of the procedures, none of the patients bit their tongue or lip, the swelling was gone and full
or partial sensation returned, as confirmed by the two-point discrimination and light touch tests.”
Magnetostymulacja w leczeniu powikłań stomatologicznych.Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 2005, 81: 81-83. Clinical paper. Opalko K., Dojs A., Piechowicz –Lesiakowska A., Lesiakowski M.
“Relief of pain, inflammation and reduction of excessive muscle tension and activity resulted not only in the improvement of the evaluated clinical symptoms, but also had
a measurable effect on the physical and mental state of the patient.”
Magnetoledoterapia w leczeniu klinicznych objawów dysfunkcji stawu skroniowo-żuchwowego. Przeg. Stomat. 2010, 10, 48-50. Pasek J., Budziosz J., Pasek T., Sieroń A.
“According to the authors, magnetostimulation seems to be a useful method supporting the treatment of difficult endodontic cases. The positive effects of use, i.e.
The acceleration of the repair processes in the periapical tissues of the treated teeth, can be noticed after two weeks of application, which is confirmed by dental X-rays.”
Zastosowanie pola elektromagnetycznego w leczeniu dużych zmian zapalnych tkanek okołowierzchołkowych zębów – opis czterech przypadków. Czas. Stomat. 2006, 59 (1), 12-18. Postek-Stefańska L., Brzoza M., Borkowski L.


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