How Viofor helps treat ulcers and pressure ulcers

Heals, prevents and soothes discomforts related to ulcers and pressure ulcers

Therapy using pulsed magnetic field and LED Viofor light — magnetostimulation, magnetoledotherapy — in the treatment of ulcers and pressure ulcers, accelerates wound healing and prevents the development of skin inflammations. Treatments can be used safely at any age, also in patients with comorbidities. Due to its anti-inflammatory, regenerative, circulation-improving and immune-system-supporting properties, documented over 20 years, it is widely and effectively used in the treatment of pressure ulcers and ulcers of various etiologies.

Improving peripheral circulation has a significant impact on the treatment of ulcers. Enhanced blood flow delivers a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, which promotes the healing process. Additionally, improved circulation aids in the removal of toxins and metabolic waste, facilitating tissue cleansing and regeneration. Enhanced peripheral circulation can also reduce swelling and alleviate pain associated with ulcers.

In studies using Viofor therapy, a statistically significant decrease in the longest and widest dimensions of the ulcer, the area and volume of the ulcer, and the relative area of infected tissue, as well as a significant increase in the granulation area compared to the baseline values before the initiation of therapy were found.

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How Viofor helps treat ulcers and pressure ulcers

Pulsed magnetic field therapy and LED phototherapy in the treatment of ulcers and pressure ulcers

Effective help and pain relief at every stage of treatment

Therapy using the magnetic field and Viofor LED light does not cause a thermal effect. Thus, it can be effectively performed even in acute conditions. It is a non-invasive method, also in the case of comorbidities. The influence of Viofor therapy on the process of wound and ulcer healing has been described many times in scientific papers. A study* of 182 patients with trophic changes of the lower limbs of various etiologies showed that Viofor treatments in combination with routine medical treatment and an occlusive dressing accelerate the healing process and reduce pain. This way, they also have a beneficial effect on the patient’s motor and mental spheres.

The effects of Viofor therapy in the treatment of ulcers
and pressure ulcers are the result of:

Improving peripheral circulation effect – and microcirculation effect within the damaged tissues, positively affecting the mobility of the burned limb.

Supportive effect on the immune system — in the treatment of ulcers and pressure ulcers, the immunocorrective effect plays an important role. Studies**using Viofor showed a significant increase in T-cell reactivity, a decrease in the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and an increase in the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines.

Regenerative effect — stimulates cell nutrition and the regulation of intercellular processes lead to tissue regeneration, which helps to improve the condition of the skin and a noticeable cosmetic effect. The basis for the regenerative effect is mainly the intensification of the use of oxygen and tissue respiration as well as the intensification of anaerobic respiration processes in ischemic tissues.

Anti-inflammatory — in inflammatory diseases of connective tissue, the anti-inflammatory effect of magnetostimulation results, among others, from the stimulating effect on the production of cAMP and prostaglandin E and from the reduction of the secretion of inflammatory mediators.

Analgesic effect — an increase in the secretion of endogenous opiates (β-endorphins) belongs to the mechanisms of analgesic action. The analgesic effect also persists after exposure to the magnetic field and LED light ceases.

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Medical publications

“The results of numerous studies confirm the beneficial effect of variable magnetic field therapy on the healing process of infected wounds and the course of bacterial infections of soft tissue and skin.”
Sieroń A., Cieślar G., Biniszkiewicz T.: Terapia za pomocą wolnozmiennych pól magnetycznych – nowa szansa w leczeniu cukrzycy? Diabetologia Doświadczalna i Kliniczna. 2003, 3, 4, 299-306.
“We achieved complete wound closure ... Since then, there has been a significant improvement in the patient's clinical condition as well as an improvement in the mental state due to the visible wound healing.”
Pasek J., Mucha R., Sieroń A.: Owrzodzenie podudzi: leczenie za pomocą stymulacji magnetycznej skojarzonej z wysokoenergetycznymi diodami LED. Opis przypadku. Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2006, 1, 15-17.
“The administration of magnetostimulation in patients with severe burn injuries significantly improved immunoregulatory capacity of immune system.”
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Viofor System is a family of innovative medical devices. The products are applied in the treatment, rehabilitation, and biological regeneration. The utilized forms of energy include pulsed magnetic field and LED light.
Viofor therapies are primarily used in:
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Post-fractures, injuries, and trauma
  • Neurological conditions
  • Treatment of pain
  • Non-healing wounds and burns
  • Dental complications and issues
  • Biological regeneration and psychoprophylaxis
A list of conditions and diseases in which Viofor therapies are applied can be found in the Applications section. If you cannot find your specific condition or have doubts about how Viofor therapies can help you, please contact us. We will definitely assist you!
The set consists of a control unit and applicators. The Viofor control unit models differ in terms of therapy options. The applicators, which are connected to the control unit, emit magnetic fields and/or light, allowing for the chosen form of therapy (magnetostimulation,  magnetic-led therapy). The selection of the controller and applicators depends on the specific needs of the condition and individual client or the profile of the facility where the Viofor treatments will be performed.
The Viofor ser typically includes:
  • Control Unit
  • Selected applicators
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual
  • Adaptor- allows to correct application of the magnetic field simultaneously from two applicators
To carry out magnetostimulation treatment, you will need a Viofor control unit that generates the therapeutic pulsed magnetic field and a magnetostimulation applicator. The therapy primarily relies on exposing the entire body. The targeted area should be positioned within the effective range of the magnetic field, which can be achieved by placing it inside the coil of a ring applicator, on the surface of a mat, or between two flat applicators. Importantly, the magnetic field easily permeates through clothing, dressings, and even casts without hindrance.
Magnetic-LED therapy - magnetoledotherapy - utilizes specific applicators to deliver localized treatments to different body regions. Panel applicators are employed for larger areas, such as the back, while specialized applicators are used for more targeted treatments, such as those in dentistry. During the treatment, both light and magnetic fields are simultaneously applied from a single applicator. LED light treatments are performed on exposed areas of the body. LED applicators are designed for close or direct contact, as long as the skin is free from infection and properly cleansed. It is important to ensure that the applicator surface remains parallel to the treated area during the procedure.

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